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Chinese Checkers

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SKU: levy_2chinese
Chinese Checkers.
Available in either 6 or 2 person.
Click image below to see the 6 person game.
Instructions included with each game.
This is a very fun game and also a beautiful piece of art to sit out on the table when not in use.
Colors of pieces in the 2 person game can vary from board to board and may not be the same colors as what is shown here.

The object of this game is for each player to move their pieces to the opposite point of the board. Each player moves one piece in turn. Moves may be steps or hops. A step is a move of one piece in any direction to an adjacent space.
A player may hop over their own piece or that of another to the next space immediately beyond that of the piece jumped, provided that the space is vacant.
Several connected hops may be made by a single piece in a single turn.
Steps and hops cannot be combined in a single move.
All hopped pieces are left on the board.
The first person to completely fill the opposite point with their pieces wins the game.

Large: 16" diameter $165.00
Small: 12" long $62.00

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