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SKU: solitaire
Each groove in the board is called a cell probably because Solitaire
was invented by a prison inmate in the French bastille in the 18th century.
To set up the game, place marbles in all cells except for one. Marbles can only be moved by jumping over a neighboring marble to a vacant cell on the opposite side. You can not move in a diagonal direction. The marble over which the jump is made can then be removed from the board and placed in the outer ring. The object of the game is to remove from the board as many of the marbles as possible.
If you are able to remove all but 6 marbles, consider yourself able minded.
If you get down to 5 marbles, consider yourself above average.
4 marbles you are well endowed.
3 marbles and you are gifted.
2 marbles...you are a genius!
If you get it down to only 1 marble remaining you are likely to be the next EINSTEIN!

2 Sizes
Large: 13" diameter $99.00
Small: 8" diameter $62.00

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