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Brendan Rockers- Hawaiian Mango

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SKU: Mango
This rocker was made using Hawaiian Mango wood.
Hawaiian Mango has some of the most unique
grain patterns of all the woods used by Greg.
Matching ottoman also available.

We will need to send you a shipping quote based on your location.

Available in both Wood Seat and Cushion Seat Options

About Mango:
A large tree often reaching 65 feet in height and 3 feet in diameter, this wood has been used in Hawaii for carved
and turned bowls, furniture, and flooring.
Mango is a relatively soft hardwood, moderately heavy,
and its color is lustrous blond, frequently showing
mottled color variations acquired during drying.
Some trees may have dark brown heartwood.
The grain is usually wavy and often has a pronounced
curly or "fiddleback" figure. Tough and high in sugars,
mango wood is perishable and is therefore tricky to
season without degradation. Yet it is through precisely
controlled drying that bacteria help produce its pink
and brown colors. Mango is widely grown for its fruit but is largely undiscovered as a commercial lumber.

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