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Fly Fishing Boxes
Protective Finish - Where most "high end" fly boxes have only an oil finish, Geoff takes extra steps. In addition to a penetrating oil, he applies 3 protective coats of satin polyurethane on the exterior and interior. They feel good in your hands!
Made from multiple pieces of wood. - a lot of fly boxes have been cut out of a single block of wood. This leaves two sides of the box all end grain which is prone to checking and cracking with use. The sides of these fly boxes are a frame of 4 pieces mitered and glued at the corners. The top and bottom is a 3/32" thick veneer. There is very little end grain on these boxes.
Stronger & Lighter Weight - The frame construction of these fly boxes creates a "torsion box" which is much lighter and sturdier than "block" construction. These boxes won't weigh you down!
Quality Hardware & Foam - each box includes "rare earth" magnet latches (the most powerful non-electric magnets on earth) and hidden brass cylinder hinges. The foam inserts are high quality "closed-cell" foam. They look nice and will hold a fly better than the open cell type.
Caddis Fly Image - the artist burns this in, by hand, on the top of each fly box. No computer generated images here! Hand done quality!
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