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The Wood Merchant has several craftsman who can create the perfectcustom piece for your home or office. If you see an item that you admire but want to alter it to fit your needs or if you have your own custom design idea we can help. 

Getting Started:
The first part of the process is getting your design down on paper. We will help you with a basic layout to get a time and price quote from. This doesn’t have to be a perfect drawing but just enough to give a rough idea of your concept with dimensions and possible wood choices.

Then we will consult with the chosen artist to get a cost and timeanalysis. We will then submit this information to you.

Upon final approval a 50% non refundable deposit is needed to begin the project.  The artist will then contact you directly to go over every detail to ensure a perfect result.

In most cases the average time for delivery to you would be approximately 8 to 12 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

The best part about working with such great artists is that we have never....in 25 years.....had a customer who was unhappy with their final work of art.

Our artists aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied.

That is our #1 goal at The Wood Merchant.
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